Protecting Your Roof With a Durable Coating

Any residence or structure is protected from rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other elements of nature by a sturdy roof. A roof is one of the most expensive home repairs or replacements an owner can face, making a roof coating an important choice for roof longevity. Aluminum coating and elastomeric coating are the two most popular roof coating options. Here’s why they are important.

Damage Prevention

Perhaps the most important reason to choose a roof coating is to avoid the expensive nature of roof repair long before one is generally required. Heavy snow can weaken a roof, but coatings made of asphalt, metal, polyurethane foam, or other materials can prevent cave-ins. As the coatings are applied, it expands and contracts up to 600%, presenting a comprehensive direct seal over the entire roof. This flexibility allows it to be used on either flat or sloping roofs.

Energy Preservation

Roof coatings have also become more popular in recent years because of the energy savings they present. Both an aluminum coating or elastomeric coasting can help keep a structure cooler. The rays of the sun are reflected by the coating, reducing the amount of heat getting trapped in a building. This lowers the length of time an air conditioning needs to run to cool the building down.

Reliable Protection

Coatings made from these materials are both water and rust-resistant. It prevents water damage from causing structural damage. It can also prevent the roof from cracking and creating holes that allow water to seep down inside. The summer heat can be harsh on a rood, but a coating restores the original condition of a rood and preserves it.

Elastomeric coatings and fibered aluminum have earned their spots are preferred rood coatings. They are durable, visibly pleasing, and they provide comprehensive damage prevention against the weather elements. You extend the lifespan of your roof when you have a coating applied.

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